February 2012
How Start-ups get Started Trinity in Space Nurturing our Future 100 Years On

From the President

The founding vision of the Technion 100 years ago in 1912 was to become an institute of higher education in the Middle East that would serve all of humanity. There is a tremendous feeling of awe and deep satisfaction that 100 years later, we experience powerful proof of that vision. In 2012, we are a global institute of technology that has three faculty members who have received Nobel Prizes in the past seven years. The discovery of ubiquitin is already saving lives with the innovation of medical cures for age-old diseases such as cancer and neurodegeneration. The discovery of quasicrystals brought a whole new dimension to our understanding of the material world. And beyond the science that brought the world's highest honor, Technion scientists are month by month unfurling new scientific discoveries and innovations in fields from water technology to advanced software and new ways to maximize the power of the sun.

At the close of 2011, we heard that Technion and its partner Cornell University had been selected to establish the Technion Cornell Innovation Institute (TCII) in the heart of New York City - another culmination of 100 years of vision. In its 100th year, Technion will be sharing its unique ability to target scientific research and to translate it into economic growth and prosperity with America and with students and researchers from across the globe. The multidisciplinary hubs of the new institute embody a new academic paradigm of targeted research initiated by Technion through its successful cross-faculty programs. It expresses a talent to think ahead on behalf of all humankind which has seeded, created and shaped the modern State of Israel.

Technion President
Prof. Peretz Lavie
100 Years Opens
1912-2012 - Technion celebrates 100 years since the first cornerstone with a festive concert of the Stanley Shalom Zielony Technion Orchestra and Choir, and the launching of a national centennial stamp.
Featured on the Technion 2012 Cornerstone Centennial Stamp, the nanofibers behind the dynamic new start-up NanoSpun signify many of the secrets of Technion's success in conceptualizing, shaping and nurturing Israel as the high-tech global success of the third millennium.
How Start-ups get Started
"Israel's heroes used to be the generals. Now, the heroes are the entrepreneurs." When Technion in partnership with Cornell University won the bid from New York City to set up a new 'center for genius' on Roosevelt Island, the creation of the Technion Cornell Institute of Innovation (TCII) was cited worldwide as a new educational and economic paradigm.
Cyber HQ
Technion is well known for contributions in computer security and cryptography. With recent cyber attacks throughout Israel, the Faculty of Computer Science is seeking to bring the brainpower of the cyber front line together in a focused drive to develop the software that will keep tomorrow's world safe from cyber terrorism.
Trinity in Space
For the first time ever, an attempt will be made to launch three satellites that will fly together in a controlled formation. To date such a launch was not possible due to size and weight of the satellites. Now, working with NANO satellites, researchers at the Asher Space Research Institute (ASRI) and Technion Autonomous Systems Program (TASP) are revealing the technological impact of team work at the final frontier.

On Screen
Getting the MAX from Solar Energy
Engineering applicances for the solar powers of tomorrow to maximize the power we harness from the sun. Learn more from new faculty member Prof. Carmel Rotschild.
Power 2 the Nation
Prof. Gideon Grader, director of the Grand Technion Energy Program (GTEP), discusses I-CORE - the Technion-led national research initiative into pioneering solar power and fuels.
Nurturing our Future
Founded with the support of Dr. Martin and Grace Rosman of Sarasota Florida and Edgewater Maryland, the Rosman Family Gift for the Technion Springboard Program provides the means to excel for talented young people from Israel's less privileged neighborhoods.
New Appointments
A new vice president and six new deans herald the opening of Technion's centennial year. Read more about the new appointments here.
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