September 2011
World-Class High-Tech Eden Biological Rosetta Welcoming the Bloggers

From the President

Welcome to this festive issue of TechnionLIVE, in which we celebrate the entry of the Jewish New Year. New Year is all about rejuvenation, initiation and new enterprise. You will notice that in this issue, we have received flattering coverage in the international press. While we love people to learn about Technion, it is important to remember that an institute of technology can never rest proudly on its laurels and announce its work is done. The spirit of innovation, progress and fresh inquiries into old problems is more alive now, in Technion's centennial year, than ever before.

Technion President
Prof. Peretz Lavie
10 Video Highlights of the Year
Come share with us an insider's look at some of the exciting projects that took place at Technion this past year. It has been a year of new challenges with outstanding science and groundbreaking innovation. From outreach initiatives in Nepal, to a visit to the Technion alum enterprise striving to make Israel - and the whole world -- a "Better Place" by freeing it of oil dependence, each video rewards your time!
The Technion has been ranked an impressive 15th among 500 universities around the world in computer science.
In addition, it was given 42nd place in engineering and technology. Both rankings were accorded by the Center for World-Class Universities at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, which has measured the performance of top universities worldwide for the last nine years.
On Screen
Breath-test for Cancer
Meet the man behind the world headlines, Prof. Hossam Haick.
The Science of Counter-Terror
A review of Technion's multidisciplinary approach to keeping the world safe.
Life-saving discovery
Prof. Gera Neufeld shows how his discovery of a deadly enzyme is leading to a new drug for the treatment of cancer and fibrosis.
A High-tech Eden
Turning out 70% of Israel’s start-up founders, the Technion is the secret behind Israel's high-tech success, France's prestigious national newspaper Le Monde reports.
Fast Reflexes
Israel's national business media reports on the wit and application of Technion President Prof. Peretz Lavie, who has been ranked #35 among the nation's top leaders of economic influence.
Biological Rosetta
Technion researchers successfully build “a biological Rosetta Stone” inside a bacterium. They hope that in the future this will enable the translation of the genome’s “operating system”; they are working in the new field of synthetic biology and believe that this will be “the high-tech of biotech.”
The NANO Mentor
This month welcomes new leadership of the Technion's Norman Seiden Multidisciplinary Graduate Program in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology: Prof. Dror Seliktar of the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering.
Welcoming the Bloggers
The StandWithUs Technion/Haifa fellowship is proud to host five popular international bloggers, with millions of readers around the world, in Israel and at Technion this month. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter (click icons below) to keep updated with the bloggers’ accounts of the Technion-Israel experience.
Bright Lights of Moshal
Highly motivated, determined to be of service to others, passionate about excellence, Technion's Moshal scholars are exemplary students - showing the value of a program that determines that bright minds from underprivileged backgrounds must be given the chance to pursue their dreams.
Smart Robots
Israel's leading business paper, The Marker, reports on Technion's developments in the area of robots and artificial intelligence - a translation from NoCamels.
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